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January News 2007

Kilrea Primary School newsletter from January 2007.

New Schools for P 7 - All of the P.7 pupils went to see High Schools in the last two weeks. Some Headmasters also came to talk to the P7 about their schools. They have started a business to make cards and hopefully make a profit for their Industry Challenge. Also they are taking part in press Packers organised by the Belfast Telegraph.

Phoenix Harp and Flute Duo - On 30th January two players from the Ulster Orchestra brought their harp (above) and flute to entertain the P3 to 7 classes. They played songs about water and the pupils got the chance to join in with percussion instruments. The pupils also learnt the song “Over the Sea to Skye” to sing with them. Leah got a chance to play the harp which cost
£20 000

New pupils - Enrolment for next year in P1 has now closed and we hope to have twelve new pupils next year.

Teacher training – Revised Curriculum and Assessment - Teachers have been attending training on the Revised curriculum which P1 and P5 begin in September. The teachers have been given different ideas and new resources. Mrs. Morrison and Miss Steele also heard of the new Pupil Profiles and how these will be recorded each year.

Houses - Primary one and two have been learning about the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and the three Bears and making houses for them. They are also learning about what houses are made from and surveying the houses on the Lisnagrot Road.

Booklet for School Anniversary - This is the Fiftieth Anniversary of the school building and the PTA are organising to publish a booklet Mrs. Collins is putting together all the information and if you have old photographs or any memories please get in touch with the school or Mrs. Collins before the end of the month. In May there will be an evening for parents, people from the local community and former pupils when they can see the school, look at photographs and meet up with each other.

Zomba Cheque - On 31st January a cheque was handed over to Mrs. Roebuck and the Chief Executive of the Council in Zomba, Malawi. This was the proceeds of fund raising by the pupils in the autumn term and the Carol Service Offering. Luke, Naomi, Kelsey and Leah handed over the cheque.

Save the Children - Zara and Stephen handed a cheque over to Mrs McIlrath. Andrew handed over bags of used stamps. Mrs. McIlrath talked to them and showed them slides of the area of Africa where their money will go to help.

Giants in P3 and 4 - P3+4 have been learning about legends of giants especially Finn McCool and the story of the Giants’ Causeway. They have been looking at the work of the artist Paul Klee and drawing portraits of each other. This will be part of their class book on themselves.

Eruption - P5+6 have been learning about volcanoes and have made a wall display of them erupting . They know all about magma and lava. Like the p7 class they have been learning about Egyptians and the walls have some beautiful art displays.

Eco Committee - The Eco Committee this year is made up of Adam Stratton and Sophie Brown from P4, Shadea Kernohan and Adam Alexander from P5, Lee Armstrong and Lauren Milligan from P6 and Leah McCaw, Amy Gourley and Jordan Boyd from P7. The adults are Mrs. Brown, Mrs. J. Shiels, Mrs. Moon and Mrs. Morrison. Their project for this year is to dig up the herb bed and replant the herbs in recycled pots. All help appreciated.

Winners Again - We have just heard that our total of 776 Yellow Pages (above) meant that we were runners up in the Coleraine area, fifteen less than Ballyhackett the winners again. This means that we have £200 to spend on our grounds.

Football Strip - A new football strip has just arrived in school. It has been provided by Mr. Gary Halliday and Mr. James Boyd and the boys are looking forward to wearing it when they play in the indoor competition in March. Many thanks to our sponsors!!

The Inspector Calls - On 24th January the inspector called to ask Mrs. Morrison questions about how the school were working on eating healthily, exercise and healthy snacks. This is part of a survey of 32 schools in N. Ireland. Because of all the work for last year’s Eco project and the new nutritional guidelines being followed in the meals kitchen she had plenty to talk about. The Inspector then talked to six Primary Seven children to see if they were able to answer the questions too. Each interview lasted forty minutes . She told Mrs. Morrison that there were lots of good things happening in the school in these areas and the children remembered the visits from the dietician, filled in their Get Active logbooks and knew all about the nutritional values of food groups. She was also very impressed with how all the children bought or brought fruit at break time and how we had no fizzy drinks, crisps, sweets or chocolate in school any more.


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