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February News 2007

Printed news produced by Primary Seven Pupils.

Credit Union Quiz: Calvyn Smyth, Aaron Henry, Zara Rowe, Alex Halliday, Paul Rankin, Pamela Starritt, Mark Gordon and Jordan Bamford all took part in the Credit Union Quiz. They were split into Team A and Team B. Paul, Pamela, Mark and Jordan came second from four other schools. Everyone enjoyed the quiz and the prizes which included a radio, sports bag, pencils, pens and rubbers.

Yellow Pages: Kilrea Primary School have been collecting yellow pages. Kilrea collected 776 and got second place in the area which was a big achievement. The Mayor came and gave the school £200 and his friend Kirk came too. The school is going to spend the money on refurbishing the herb garden and improving the school grounds. The whole school put a lot of effort into it and did well.

Inspector Visits: Six P7 pupils were chosen by the inspector to talk about healthy eating. The P7 were Leah McCaw, Jordan Bamford, Paul Rankin, Amy Gourley, Alex Halliday and Jamie Johnston. They talked to the inspector about what they eat in the cafeteria and healthy food at break time. They told the inspector that sweets, fizzy drinks and chocolate are a health problem and that just a little bit of chocolate a day wouldn’t be too bad. She was pleased with the things they had told her and was really impressed with all the food served in the school and how much the pupils knew.

Rugby Coaching: The rugby coach is coming to school every Thursday for six weeks. He is called Benjy Van der byl. He takes P5, P6, P7 boys outside and after each session they get to have a tag rugby match.

Busy Term in P5 and P6: P5 and P6 have been doing a lot of technology. They made paper aeroplane and balloon cars which they tested in the hall. They made a video for David who is in hospital. They made books on the computer with the help of Andrew Proven a student from Rainey Endowed. They also learnt about clouds in their weather topic.

Mayor’s Parlour: On 13th February P7 pupils went with Gorran P7 pupils to the Mayor’s Parlour. They had a guided tour in the registration offices. Leah and Jordan got married with Pamela as the bridesmaid and Stephen as the best man. They met the Mayor and went into his Parlour. To finish off the tour they went to the Council Chambers to debate whether television is better than books. The verdict was that television was better than books!! There was a Victorian exhibition and they made some air fresheners with oranges and cloves.

Handwritten Bible Project: P.7’s and members of First Kilrea Presbyterian Church took part in the Handwritten Bible project. A lot of P.7 class found the names of the people in 1 Chronicles Ch 9 of the Bible very difficult to write out. They all had to write a verse each and I’m sure it’ll be a very proud time for them in about 20 years to look back and know what they’ve done.

Salmon Project: P7 class have a salmon project. They are trying to bring up around 100 baby salmon so they have a better chance of surviving when they are put back in the river and help to restock it. They don’t have to feed the salmon because they have a yolk sac each, which they feed on. In the tank there is a filter that acts like the current in the river. In the wild the baby salmon like underneath the stones of the river. It would be very dark so they have to keep it quite dark in their room. Soon they will release the salmon. Then a few weeks later P7 will go back to the river. They will stun the fish with an electric fisher. Then they will take another look at them.

Visit to Johnston Printing: P7 visited Johnston Printing and saw how to print a booklet. Mr Craig took them round the building and show what all the workers do. Mr Craig spoke to them about how the building was founded. The art designer Ivan took a picture of them all and put it on the computer with a background of Disney Land so it looked as if they were in France. He gave them a booklet with their picture on the front cover. P7 really enjoyed their time at Johnston Printing.

New Students: Kilrea Primary School has two new students Lisa Campbell and Andrew Proven. Lisa is helping P1 and P2 class for the rest of the year. Andrew Proven worked with P5 and P6 last week.

Visit to Chronicle Offices: P7 have visited the Chronicle Offices to help them in their industry challenge. They got to see the departments within the chronicle offices. Their tour of the offices was very much enjoyed and the pupils learnt a lot about what it would be like to work on a newspaper. They had a picture token for the front page of the Leader and it was last week’s Chronicle. There was an advertising department and a design department as well as the printing presses.

Bryson Recycling: A man called Laurence Speight came and spoke to the whole school how important recycling is! He showed P6 and P7 a tin car a boy made with a tin can and a big bag and pencil case a group of ladies made with cartons of juices! He also showed P6 and P7 a PowerPoint presentation about recycling and taking things to the charity shop and what the charity shop takes. When the presentation was finished he played a true or false game with P6 and P7. Stephen Kelso got a mug made out of recycled plastic for the nearest answer to how my plastic bags were used in N. Ireland each year. The answer is 500million. All pupils got a ruler made out of recycled plastic.

Hockey Coaching: P5, P6, P7girls are getting a hockey coach in to teach them. The hockey coach is coming for four weeks and they hope this will help the girls as they have a hockey match coming up in Coleraine High School.

P3 and P4 Giants: The P3 and P4 class have been learning about giants in history. They were learning about the seven things the giants left and some of them were a boot, a person turned into stone and a footprint. They also have been learning about ourselves and how their brains work. P3 and P4 have measured their height and weight to record their growth and found out how their senses work. They are writing a class book all about themselves using PowerPoint. They have learnt about the Coronation of the Queen and the traditions behind pancake making. They also tested that their senses of taste and smell were working well by sampling the pancakes.

Busy P1 and P2 pupils: P1 and P2 pupils have been making Valentine Cards for the ones they love as well as decorating Gingerbread houses from the story Hansel and Gretel. They have been learning about the names of animals’ homes sand how to recycle. They really love their new carpet for their playroom which came at half term.

Transfer Results: The Transfer results this year were very good, with 6A’s, 1 B1 and 3 C1’s. 59% A,B and grades compares well with the national average of 45%. Everyone was happy with their results and have been choosing their secondary schools. Now the P7’s know that the work paid off.

Joseph: On Tuesday 6th February P7’s went to see “Joseph” at Cullybackey High. It was an excellent show P7. said “It was the best show we have ever seen.” The songs were great and the acting was absolutely fabulous especially Joseph and Reuben.

Ulster Scots Theatre: On Wednesday Key Stage 2 will round off the month with a play about Ulster Scots. Full report in our March Newsletter.

Book Fair: Our annual Book Fair will be in school from 21st – 28th March. Full details will be sent out later.


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