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Spring News 2009 April/May

Class Updates
Light Up, Light Up
P1 and 2 have been learning about the seaside. They have been painting lighthouses and building them from cardboard and lego.

Happy Holidays
Holidays are also the hot topic in P3 and 4 as they explore the world map. One of their many destinations was Italy where they stopped off for a whole day to make pizzas and ice-cream.

The Final Frontier
P5 and 6 have been going ‘one step beyond’ as they learn about the stars, planets, the solar system and space exploration.

Home and Away
P7 have been crossing the Atlantic as they read about the potato famine and migration to America and beyond. They have also been researching charities.

On yer bike
P7 have being doing their cycling proficiency training and were tested on Friday. Well done to the whole class who passed with flying colours thanks to Mrs Anderson’s training.

Those were the days
Following the success of the P3 & 4 Circus day last term when the school was overrun by clowns, strongmen and acrobats P5-7 decided to have a theme day of their own.
They went back in time to 1889 and spent a whole day working like Victorian school children. They dressed in Victorian style costumes before trying to write with ink pens, to learn the commandments, do drill and recite poetry. Worst of all they had to be quiet for a whole day!

Fun in the sun
The summer finally arrived on Thursday 28th May just in time for our fun night complete with games, bouncy castles, burgers and ice cream. Everyone had a great time and thanks to all who came along to support the event and to help out.

Sporting Heroes
In April both the boys and girls teams took part in badminton tournaments and on Wednesday 26th the whole school enjoyed the annual soccer school.

Over the last 4 weeks the Ulster-Scots Agency have been running after-school workshops for P5-7 pupils. These included story-telling, highland and country dancing, playing the fiddle, the tin whistle, the bagpipes and the lambeg drum as well as learning about the history of the Plantation.
We have also had several visitors in assembly. Reverend Norris Wilson told us about his family’s recent visit to Japan and brought in his souvenirs to show us.

Roy and Sharon Wilson had a quiz on bible characters and at the end of assembly they presented each of the children in the school with their own Bible.

Our community policeman came to visit again this month and reminded P1-4 pupils about the importance of using booster seats and wearing seat belts and the Fire Service talked to P5 about fire safety.

Euro Exploits
At the end of May Mrs Stinson and Miss Steele travelled to Trencin in the Slovak Republic to visit our partner school. They were joined by representatives from the other partners in Germany, Spain and Italy before being entertained by the Slovak pupils, aged 6-14. During the trip they visited the classes and had the opportunity to learn about the education system in Slovakia as well as seeing a little of this beautiful country.

Out and About
Over the last month all classes have visited Kilrea library to listen to stories and to learn about the library and how the books are organised.

On Tuesday 19th May P6 and 7 walked along the River Bush to visit the salmon hatchery and find out what will have happened to the fry they released earlier in the year.

P6 and 7 pupils also travelled to join ‘The Big Dig’ at the University of Ulster in Coleraine on Thursday 28th May. However they weren’t planting flowers but attempting to uncover the mysteries of a forgotten village on the university site. After donning their wellingtons the pupils met archaeologists who showed them how to use special detectors and scanners, how to excavate artefacts with trowels and brushes and they even examined skeletons in the university laboratories.

Once again we have been collecting textiles for recycling under the ‘Cash for Clobber’ scheme. Thanks to all those who have been spring cleaning for our benefit.
We have also begun planting our organic vegetables in the garden at the front of the school.


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