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November/December News

Another Big Freeze
As you all know the cold weather came early this year with icy and snowy conditions arriving in November and continuing throughout December. For the first few days this caused great excitement, with snow sculptures appearing all around the playground, but then it got too slippery to go outside and the novelty soon wore off.
A heartfelt thank-you to all our parents, pupils and staff who have been extremely accommodating throughout the adverse weather conditions and have made courageous efforts, both to get to school and to collect children at short notice when the weather took a sudden turn for the worse. We appreciate your patience and we look forward to a more tropical 2011!
Class Updates
P1 and 2 have been learning traditional nursery rhymes. They have been painting Humpty Dumpty and building his wall and there are rows of Mary Mary’s flowers on the playroom walls.
On the 22nd November they went to Woodhall for their woodland walk and everyone had a great time looking at the leaves and berries and finding frogs and slugs.

Primary 3 & 4 have been studying ‘Light and Darkness’. They have been reading ‘The Owl who was afraid of the Dark’, finding out about nocturnal animals and making owl collages.
P3 also joined several local schools to take part in a fundamental skills day at Kilrea Sports Hall on 29th November where they got to play lots of games.

Primary 5, 6 & 7 have been finding out about electricity and energy. They have made circuits, lit up Christmas trees and designed quizzes. They have researched famous scientists and have checked the school for energy efficiency before designing posters to encourage us to ‘Switch off’ to save energy and money! P5 & 6 have also been reading ‘The City of Ember’ and wondering what it would be like to live without any sunlight and how to save resources for the future.
Extra! Extra!
Kidz and Co had their own private Christmas Party on Wednesday 15th December when Santa made his first visit to the school. The mothers and toddlers group will resume on Wednesday 12th January, between 10 and 12.
The school choir and clarinet players were invited to share their sweet music with the customers of the Northern Bank on Thursday 16th December and received an excellent reception from all those present.
Meanwhile a contingent of P6 & 7 represented the school at St Columba’s Pantomime which was excellent entertainment. P7 pupils also joined those in St Columba’s for the ’Jigtime’ music workshop on the 26th November.

Winter Wonderland
P1 and 2 joined Kilrea Playgroup on 3rd December for a snowy trip to W5 to travel on the Santa Express. Their winter wonderland adventure took them by train to meet Santa and they also had time to explore some of the zones of W5 before returning home to their own ‘winter wonderland’ in Kilrea!

Term ended with our special assembly which included performances from our instrumentalists and speech and drama pupils. There was also a second chance for P1 and 2 to see the great man himself. Weather conditions were ideal for a one-horse open sleigh and he arrived exactly on schedule to give out the gifts, wish everyone a Merry Christmas and slip away to get ready for a busy weekend ahead.

Congratulations to Mrs Roulston and her husband on the birth of their baby boy who arrived early, on Christmas Day! We have sent best wishes on behalf of the school and we hope it isn’t long until we all meet Master William Roulston.

Many thanks for your continued support at our Annual Carol Service which was held on Wednesday 15th December. The offering of over £300 will be presented to Save the Children and the Zomba Action Project in January.
Also, thanks for your support of the PTA fireside quiz which raised £350. The winners were as follows:
!st Lucy and Hannah Greenhill
2nd Dylan Selfridge
3rd Bridie Mongonigle
Highest seller: Charlie Williamson


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