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Sept/Oct Newsletter

P1,2 & 3
In P1, 2 & 3’s topic this term, ‘All About Me’, they have been learning about their bodies, their senses and food. They’ve made a food pyramid and gone on a ‘Senses Walk’. They have also been creating musical instruments and experimenting with sounds so prepare yourselves for some beautiful music.
P4 & 5
Primary 4 & 5 have been studying the topic of rocks and mountains. They have found out what causes earthquakes and volcanoes and have even had an eruption in their classroom. They have also been researching the highest mountains in the world and famous landmarks made of stone. Finally they have been imagining what it must be like to be a mountaineer and climb to the top of the world.
Primary 6 & 7 have also been studying rocks, mountains and volcanoes. They researched animals which live in rocky habitats before creating imaginary creatures which might live in caves or under rocks. Now they are writing stories about a day in the life of their creature.
They also made their own volcanoes and used food colouring, baking soda and vinegar to make them erupt.
Extra, Extra!
Kidz and Co is back on this year, between 10 a.m. and 12 noon on Wednesday mornings in the school assembly hall. All Mums, Dads, grandparents or child-minders who have small babies or toddlers at home are welcome to come along, have a cuppa and catch up while the kids play.
This year we are taking part in a project, sponsored by the Irish Football Association, to deliver basic skills training to classes P1-5. All the pupils have been enjoying the games and activities designed to improve their co-ordination, speed, and agility with their trainer, Mr Eamon Curry.
We are also pleased to welcome back Mr Mark Anderson who has been providing expert tuition in tin whistle for the last eighteen months, and Mrs Christina McGarvey, our Spanish tutor, who is now teaching all the classes in the school. Even the teachers are beginning to learn something! Muy bien!

This term’s after-school club has been football, taken by Mrs Cooper, and has been valuable in preparing the team for their forthcoming matches. If any parents are available to help with transportation or supervising at school events please see Mrs Cooper to fill in the appropriate vetting forms.
Next term Miss Steele will be taking the choir and you will have a chance to see them perform at the carol service in December.


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