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Jan/Feb news


Eco News

We are delighted to announce that after a lot of hard work  by pupils, parents and staff, co-ordinated by Mrs Anderson and her Eco-Committee, we have been rewarded with our 8th Eco-flag.  Some representatives of the school have also been specially invited to take part in an Eco Activity Day to be held in Magherafelt in March.

Don’t forget our recycling is always ongoing with our Cash for Clobber collections and our collection points for depositing your printed material, stamps and ink cartridges.

As Spring approaches we will also be planting some seeds for our vegetable garden and planning our clean up campaign so if you can offer any help or expertise please contact Mrs Stinson or Mrs Anderson.

Class news

P1 & 2 have been learning about the jungle and the various animals which live there.  They have been reading stories about giraffes, monkeys, lions and other African animals and have painted beautiful pictures of their favourites.  Now they are planning to go on safari, and even write a book about their travels. 
Primary 3 & 4 have been learning all about space.  They have studied the order of the planets, what else might be lurking in space and produced some lovely colourful pictures.  They have also been learning about the two major players in the space race, Russia (USSR) and the USA and what made them so keen to be the first to put a man in space or a man on the moon.
Primary 5 & 6 have been learning about China.  They discovered that the Chinese invented many of the things we now take for granted including paper, fireworks, kites, the compass and even the wheelbarrow.  They finished off the topic by leading an assembly to mark the Chinese New Year celebrations for the Year of the Sheep.
P7 have been studying the Vikings and investigating the extent of their travels and their influence on the British Isles.  They have written about the raids on the monasteries, looked at place names, found out about their ships and their houses and are now making their own helmets, swords and shields.

Sporting Heroes

This month we have been trying some new sporting pursuits with archery for the P7s, and ‘Happy Hearts’ for P4.  The archers are being tutored by the Causeway Archery Club who come in each Thursday, whilst the P4s are put through their paces every Tuesday by the Barry McGuigan School of Boxing.  Watch out! The next Robin Hood or Carl Frampton could be from Kilrea!


The salmon project has started again and for the last few weeks the older children have been keeping an eye on the salmon eggs and watching them hatch into fry.   Very soon it will be time to take them to David Laughlin’s stream and release them into the river system so they can begin their journey to adult hood.

Book Fair

The book fair arrived on Wednesday 25th February and there was great excitement as everyone got a chance to peruse the boxes.  On Friday we came dressed as our favourite book characters and book vouchers  were awarded to the winners of the colouring and designing competitions.
The winners of the fireside quiz, which raised £400, were drawn: 1st Kane Blair (Shannon’s brother), 2nd Margaret Service (Leah’s mum), 3rd Elizabeth McRoberts (Lewis and Harry’s granny)  Well done to all the winners and thanks again for your continued support.
There were a lot of pretty Princesses, large and small, but the prize for scariest costume has to go to Mrs Anderson who came as ‘The Demon Dentist’!


In January we welcomed Beth McIlrath from ‘Save the Children’ and Ken Ford from the ‘Zomba Action Project’ to accept the proceeds of our carol service and Christmas jumper day. They explained to us how the money would be used to buy much needed resources for children in other parts of the world. Once again we thank you for your continued generosity.
We were also delighted to receive £300 from the Mark Rodgers Memorial Fund and many thanks to Mrs Rodgers who came to present it.

P6 Transfer Meeting
There will be a meeting for P6 parents to give information on next year’s transfer arrangements on Monday 16th March at 4.00 pm.  If you are unable to attend please contact Mrs Stinson for more information.



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